Barcelona Photoblog: Catalan Embutidos

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catalan Embutidos


Catalan embutidos or sausages may look gross indeed but taste good, believe me. My wife has just advised me not to publish this picture. I laughed. I know it is disgusting but that's what makes it more interesting! By the way, those of you with linguistic habits should know that "embutir" means "to stuff", that's why they call it sausages in English. We use "salchicha" for hot-dog-like sausages and "embutidos" for all the products prepared in the same way, i.e. stuffing meat and fat, generally pork derived, into the clean bowels or guts of the animal.


  1. Hi there, love the blog. In regards to stuffing, where would "rellenar" fit into the stuffing verb lexicon? Coming from New Mexico, this was the most commonly term I heard used.

  2. Rellenar, embutir, meter. I used "embutir" to make people aware that embutido means stuffed with things. Of course at the same time they are "rellenos" we don't call them rellenos though. You can say tortitas rellenas, empanadas rellenas (they are stuffed). You don't normally say tortitas embutidas :). But in the case of sausages in general, we call them as a group "embutidos". People would say: ¿Con qué está rellena la salchicha? or ¿Con qué rellenaron este embutido? (what is it stuffed with). So summing up rellenar is much more used than embutir. Thanks for asking and adding this valuable info.

  3. Apparently cuisines around the world share something in common. I reckon every culture has some type of sausages. We also have blood sausage in Vietnam, prepared in very similar way as you described. Very yummy indeed. Your picture makes me curious. I want to go to Barcelona and try the blood sausage there and see the difference...


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