Barcelona Photoblog: Bike Rack on Las Ramblas de Barcelona

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bike Rack on Las Ramblas de Barcelona

Bike Rack on Las Ramblas, Barcelona [enlarge]

About time I captured one of those images of mutilated bikes tied up somewhere for no apparent reason. Now that I finally made it (hooray!) I will try to forget it right away. Let's issue a formal complaint first: please, stop urinating on Las Ramblas! It smells and what's worse, it spoils my pictures. Yes, that blurry thing behind the bicycle fossil is nothing but a conspicuous stain left by humanoids on a booze spree. "Hey dude, enough moaning. Step out of the way. Can't you see that's my bike! And stop takin' pictures of my rack or I will get very pissed off".

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (sterilizing line)

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