Barcelona Photoblog: Europe Photobloggers Meetup 2008 in Barcelona: Macba

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Europe Photobloggers Meetup 2008 in Barcelona: Macba

Europe Photobloggers Meetup 2008 in Barcelona: Macba [enlarge]

During Europe Photobloggers Meetup 2008 we visited several interesting spots in Barcelona city such as the Macba museum (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona) in El Raval quarter. The square in front of the art center is normally frequented by skateboarders but we spotted none in the area that morning so we stood there for a while taking pictures of one another. Fortunately our long photo walk split into two days and brought forth many good shots. No need to say that the meetup was a success. Once more Europe photo bloggers got together to share experiences and enjoy the pleasure of taking photographs. 


  1. Carlos, Hope all is well. Missing your lovely posts and wondering if you are on holiday. Hope to "see" you soon,
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. thanks Kim. I am not on holidays but it's almost as if. I am behind schedule. it's good to have you here. I am usually overwhelmed and exhausted. Work, posting, taking pics, microblogging, seo, family :(
    i will be back with u.

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    good morning
    have been searching for other photoblogs in europe - no particular location - and was wondering if you could recommend some sites or links to access sites?

  4. Hi deborah, wow. The list can be huge! Well, I personally like several and I have them linked on my sidebar so I can mention the name of their photoblogs. Nevertheless that's a good idea and I might recommend some links in the future, one per post as I used to do months ago. For the moment, please check :Photoschau, Nocturama Photoblog, Smudo, Desenfocado...there are many more and I don't like to compare their work cause all of them are good in their style. I basically like to see an artistic eye behind the camera. It is amazing how I get surprised each day with so many new ideas and different innovating aproaches. Thanks for asking.

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    thanks for the sites mentioned - they will be a "start" in finding other photoblog sites...

    and, yes, understand and sympathize w/ your comment on the somberos. the souveiner shops in the u.s. are frequently filled w/ cheap tinkets made outside the u.s. when a little searching would find local handmade items...

  6. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Buena toma de la plaza.
    Aunque es una plaza tipicamente urbana, en la cual apenas hay arboles, es una de mis favoritas, tanto por su arquitectura como por su situación.
    Me imagino que durante el encuentro os lo debisteis pasar super, no?


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