Barcelona Photoblog: Riding a Bike Near Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

Friday, June 25, 2010

Riding a Bike Near Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

Riding a Bike Near Arc de Triomf, Barcelona [enlarge]

There's not much I can say in this one. A man riding a small bike near famous Arc de Triomf in Barcelona. Passeig de Lluis Companys, which is the name of this promenade is a beautiful place to explore with your bicycle while taking care of the extra pounds. Our Arch of Triumph has been fully covered in Barcelona Photoblog and I recommend you follow the link as a starting point


  1. Great photo. It reminded me of the last time I was in Barcelona when I saw a bloke riding a bike down the Avinguda Diagonal and he was totally starkers!

    One of the things I love about Barcelona is how varied the designs of the lamp posts are. These are particularly unusual. Don't think I've ever seen anywhere with such great lamp posts and street lights.

  2. This was the first thing I saw when started my year long stay in Barcelona.

  3. what beautiful surrounding! I wish I could ride a bike around there, too!

  4. An interesting shot. I find myself wondering what the young women are studying and discussing. :)

  5. ann p.8:09 PM

    I loved this area of Barcelona when I was there. I particularly liked the Parc de la Ciutadella and how it leads to this Passeig with its beautiful lamps and open space.

    I found some areas of the city especially well-designed; this was one of them. Thank you for the lovely photo.

  6. I wish I could go there too... way too far from Phil


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