Barcelona Photoblog: El Born, Carrer de la Princesa in Barcelona: Where The Past Meets The Present

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

El Born, Carrer de la Princesa in Barcelona: Where The Past Meets The Present

El Born, Carrer de la Princesa in Barcelona [enlarge]

This is the intersection of Carrer de la Princesa stretching ahead in the distance, Carrer del Rec to the left and Carrer d'en Tantarantana to the right which you can explore here in this Google Map street view link of this side of El Born in La Ribera quarter. I thought it was interesting you could compare the picture with the map and have the chance to move around in this old neighborhood of historic narrow alleys. Remember El Born is not just old stones and rickety buildings with balconies full of exuberant plants and clothes lines, of orange butane gas cylinders or barking dogs. El Born is also one of the most active areas in the city when it comes to nightlife, food, shopping and cultural activities.


  1. Great shot. Your city seems to be very cozy.


  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Surely worth to paint countless pictures, writing endless lines of poetry - a much filled photography indeed.

    daily athens

  3. I had great fun going up and down various streets, looking at balconies, at shop windows, at interesting graffiti! This wonderful photo captures the very essence of my Google tour through the neighborhood. Excellent!

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    really enjoyed the ability to wander a city from home!

  5. Awesome photography, the culture shown in this image wants me to go and visit in person, great work


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