Saturday, July 1, 2006

Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart at Tibidabo, Barcelona

Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart at Tibidabo

The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart at Tibidabo mountain, was designed by architect Enrique Sagnier. First of all, back in 1886, the property of the land was donated by twelve distinguished gentlemen to San Juan Bosco who decided to build a hermitage, gothic in style and 8 meters high. 

The main crypt was not started until 1903 by the same Sagnier and finished partially many years later by his son. On the central tower there is a bronze statue built by José Miret in 1961, it is 7 meters and a half tall and weighs 4.800 kilos. The statue of Christ and the Sacred Heart spreading his open arms has become one of the main symbols of Barcelona. Here you can see a detail from the frieze at the portico.


  1. Welcome to the DP side of things! Seems odd to say it seeing I always felt your's was always a DP site. have a great weekend Carlos.

  2. Thanks so much Edwin, I have no words, literally. Have a great weekend too.

  3. Great shot, Carlos! Love the B/W- Color you've chosen.
    Me encantó el templo...pero aún me acuerdo de las escaleras, y eso que hace más de 15 años que estuve allí.

  4. Nice color work!

  5. una gran fotografia si señor

  6. Stupendous, can almost feel the history...


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