Wednesday, November 12

Man on The Grass - Catalonia Square, Barcelona

Man on The Grass - Catalonia Square, Barcelona [enlarge]

The man was sitting on the grass drinking some beer before taking a nap. I would say he was homeless but I can't say that for sure, so my post is just about a man in Plaça Catalunya, in the very center of Barcelona, an anonymous character, one of the many solitary souls that wander in this square. Do you want to take a look at the place, take a look at the Google street view map below.

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Anonymous claire said...

i really love the first shot. really candid. :)

8:15 AM  
Anonymous cako said...

Beautiful composition !

8:23 PM  
Blogger Uma por Dia said...

You get so beautiful and colorful photos!! Make me want to learn about photographie. Well, I want, I just dont have time :)

1:29 PM  

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