Barcelona Photoblog: Carrer de Boltres, A Short and Narrow Street in Barcelona

Monday, November 10, 2008

Carrer de Boltres, A Short and Narrow Street in Barcelona

Carrer de Boltres in Barcelona [enlarge]

This is Carrer de Boltres, a very short and narrow street in Barcelona, near Plaça de la Mercé. An elderly couple walks towards the church by the square. In the background, Passeig de Colom (Columbus' Walk). I happened to mention the place before, so here is the old post with a map of La Mercé church and square.


  1. I want to apologize with all those who visited and got no answer on time. I have been abroad and I am trying to catch up with your comments. Thanks for your understanding. If you wonder what on earth happens to the author of this blog at any moment you can follow me at Twitter. I always try to twit at least once a day :)

  2. Buena toma! Le queda genial el BN, aunque para mi gusto le falta un poco de foco...
    Por cierto, interesante blog!!!

  3. Anonymous4:44 AM

    You don't have to apologize ;) Just keep posting wonderful images like this one!
    Very nice exposure and composition!

  4. - Gracias Mario. Estoy de acuerdo le falta foco y no está del todo como yo quisiera. Espero que no sea mi vista LOL.
    - Thanks so much Tim. I'll try :)

  5. I love the stories you and your camera tell ... I was left wondering about the story of the old couple, and I loved the dancers hands too.

    Nice work.

  6. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Thanks for your comment in my blog ! (They were mostly people from Thailand who now have moved to Finland or their relatives and they were picking Strawberries in my Fathers fields. The hole story is told in

  7. Fantastic B+W shot! Has a classic timeless feel.

  8. Thanks for your kind comments!

  9. Anonymous7:11 AM

    .....if there is someone by your is a little bit easier, life is good.
    I feel so.. :o)

    Thank you Carlos for all the wonderful stories, all the beautiful often send me a light.



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