Barcelona Photoblog: Thanksgiving Tea Light Candles

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Tea Light Candles

Thanksgiving Tea Light Candles [enlarge]

Tea lights are a kind of votive candle I really enjoy watching when I enter a church for pictures. As many of you know I am not a devoted person but I do like the art and solemnity of holy places. Now that Thanksgiving Day is near, I thought I should show you these lights to help you meditate, meditate on whatever cause you see fit, whatever cause or creed that brings peace to your soul or body. Happy Thanksgiving Day my friends. By the way, did you know that we don't have this holiday in Spain and that we don't have turkey either? In fact, we don't have anything. It is only celebrated with a mass at church. Of course, religious people might do something but it is rare.


  1. What a meaningful post, Carlos. Truly beautiful in photo, form, and prose. I'm thankful for new blogging friends this year, like you!

  2. You're a month and a bit late for me (I'm in Canada), but thank you very much! It's a beautiful holiday, and one of my favourite gatherings of the year.

  3. -Oh Lydia. Thanks for your kindness. I feel the same about you.
    -Oops. Heather, I didn't realize that. I will bear that in mind next time. I wish you all the best anyway. Thanks for coming.

  4. Anonymous10:16 PM

    We don't celebrate it here in Australia either! But thanks for the meditation prompt, it started my day in a calm way!!!

  5. Great jo. That really pays for all the effort and writing :)

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Beautiful warm tones. Great!

  7. Great atmosphere!

  8. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Nicely done


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