Barcelona Photoblog: Pa amb Tomaquet - Bread with Tomato

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pa amb Tomaquet - Bread with Tomato

Pa amb Tomaquet - Bread with Tomato  [enlarge]

Nothing like a good toast spread with tomato and some olive oil to accompany any kind of food. We call it pa amb tomaquet. Instead of using a slice of tomato to make a sandwich or pouring and spreading some tomato sauce on the bread we cut tomatoes into halves and gently spread them against the toast. You can first rub the bread with garlic, then you apply the tomato and finally you add some olive oil. That will serve as the basis for many ingredients like anchovies, ham, sausage or grilled aubergines, red peppers and onions sliced in strips aka escalivada among other things.

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