Barcelona Photoblog: Kid Feeding Pigeons at Placa Catalunya, Barcelona

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kid Feeding Pigeons at Placa Catalunya, Barcelona

Kid Feeding Pigeons at Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona [enlarge]

While there's a happy kid on Earth, there will be hope. Nothing is more pure and sacred than a child's innocence. Nothing is more beautiful than a child's detached view of the world around him, free of all evil, ambition, prejudice and hate, wrong teachings and bad influence. The face of this kid reveals many things, things we once lived unknowingly, things we can have no more. We won't bring them back but we can work to guarantee that this happiness, the flame that moves this world, the joy of life forever lasts.


  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    great shot Carlos! you've captured that joy of being a kid really well. :)

  2. Carlos, your words made my eyes tear up! First I studied the marvelous shot, thinking how the boy was in a wonder-world all his own as those grown-up legs pass by. Your commentary surpassed anything I have read describing the nucleus of a solitary child and all that the child is to the world. Simply beautiful.

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    great sharpness on this one

  4. Excelente composição mostrando dois mundos separados, o dos adultos andando de pressa (para quê ?), o do menino atento ao universo ao redor dele.

  5. Es en las playas de Puerto la Cruz... un buen lugar para conocer! ;-) si un día te decides a ir, solo pregúntame y seguro que podré ayudarte!! ;-)

  6. -Thank you Claire for the nice comment.
    -Lydia, I am truly honored by your words.
    -Klaus, I did my best. Not completely satisfied but almost :)
    -I am glad someone talked about those people walking, thanks Jonas. At Flickr somebody else mentioned the background too. Thanks.
    -Hombre, Nancy, gracias por venir tan rápido. Sí que me pareció un bonito lugar. De momento no puedo ir a Venezuela pero nunca se sabe. Siempre es bueno saber donde están los mejores destinos para viajar. No dudes, que seguro le pregunto a mi amiga Venezolana :)

  7. Gosto muito desta!
    Quase que escrevia um Conto de Natal a propósito da tua fotografia.

    Espero que tenhas uma boa noite :)

  8. Igualmente, gracias Vira Vento.

  9. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Wonderful street photography!
    Very well done :)

  10. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Lovely capture!

  11. Anonymous2:24 PM

    A very cute photograph. :)


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