Barcelona Photoblog: Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona: As Seen From El Corte Inglés


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona: As Seen From El Corte Inglés

Plaza Cataluña, Barcelona: As Seen From El Corte Inglés

Today I will sacrifice a little quality so I can share with you this sight of Plaza Cataluña as seen from El Corte Inglés (check the picture to see the windows from where I shot). 

When you visit this square, in the middle of what we consider the center of Barcelona, don´t forget to do something that most tourists fail to do, enter the shopping center and reach the top floor. 

You will find a cafe-bar with a spectacular view over this neuralgic spot and the rest of the city. From there you can see Montjuic or Paseo de Gracia in all its length. The bad thing is that the restaurant is covered with glass panels that filter the light and hinder pictures in some way. 

Here is another image where you can see the sea side of the square, touching the entrance to Las Ramblas in the background, where the big sign is.

See Picture of Plaça Catalunya on a Google Earth Map.


  1. Hey Carlos - What a coincidence. When we stay overnight in Barcelona it's just round the corner from here. This is where we catch the bus for the airport on the way back to England (sob).

  2. I see, well you will have the chance to give the city a last good look from up there. You will be a little sad but you can make it back some other time. That's the essence of life.

  3. Hi Carlos, great photo, don't worry about the glass panels! The funny thing is, I live in the corner with Plaza de Cataluñ Madrid!

  4. Wow, you are absolutely right, i should have done this the last time i was in Barcelona !

  5. Wondeful blog, very nice pictures. Looking through them made me wish I was back there very much!

  6. >That's funny, Carmen. It would be great if someday you show us your square too.
    >Don´t worry you'll be back.
    >Then my work is rewarded. Thanks

  7. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Great tip! Thanks.

  8. Great perspective on the place!

  9. What a great idea. Thanks! Another cool rooftop view is in the Museu de Historia de Catalunya down in the harbor. Go up to the 4th floor where there is also a restaurant. Go outside on the terrace and there's an awesome view of the port.

    Quin blog més xuli!


  10. Beautiful shot of beautiful square!!!

  11. Anonymous2:08 AM

    nice angle, quite a big square...lovely capture:-)

  12. >Thanks Luggi
    >Thanks Nicola
    >Welcome Liz, moltes gràcies!. I visited your webs too. When in doubt maybe I ask you about HTML, CSS or blogger stuff. Your tip about another nice view from Museu de Historia de Catalunya is excellent. Thanks for the tip.
    >Thanks Seesaw
    >Thanks Pixibition.
    To all: I promise I take a look at your work soon. I have too much work lately but I'll make some room.

  13. Encantada d'ajudar quan ho necessitis. Realment tens un blog i unes fotos molt guais.



  14. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Cool. I just stayed off of Las Ramblas. I loved it there. I remeber sitting on the top of the "Bus Turiste" in the pic too!

  15. I see that you had a great time EJ and you are already reminiscing. I hope you enjoyed it! and come back.

  16. I went inside El Cote Ingles but I didn't go to the top floor. I only visited the supermarket in the basement area.

    I prefer Carrefour on La Rambla because the prices are cheaper. :-)


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