Barcelona Photoblog: Boy in Blue: Kid Playing at L'Illa Diagonal

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Boy in Blue: Kid Playing at L'Illa Diagonal

Boy in Blue: Kid Playing at L'Illa Diagonal - CLICK to Enlarge
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Weekend!, buying sweaters for the sudden drop of temperatures in Barcelona. I am at the upper floor of L'Illa Diagonal shopping center. Aware of the sound of the many kids shouting down there in the hall of the main floor I look down and spot this huge box full of blue balls. As I told Kris and Edwin recently I have a knack for blue so I couldn't resist firing some shots. It was almost impossible to isolate just one kid, thus the custom vignette applied.

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  1. Wow, what a neat photo. That boy looks like he is having a great time.

  2. Excellent!
    I see the kids having lots of fun. Are they hunting a red ball hidden somewhere in the blue? Let's hunt a treasure!

  3. Hi Carlos, thanks for your very kind comments about my grandma. The expression on the boy's face in this photo is perfect - a mix of happiness and "where do I go next?" - kind of how I feel. PS: I'm sure that your descendants admire you already!

  4. This has worked really well Carlos, a cracking good shot!

    Curly's Photoshop

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    let me guess, the sweater would be blue?

    Good photo! its as if she is wonderland :)

  6. Anonymous10:25 AM

    This is a fun shot. Looks like a great place for kids to play. Yes, the blue is nice.

  7. Victoria, Ben, Felicia, Curly, Kris and Faye thanks for your kind comments.
    Great idea Ben!
    Felicia, I hope so!. You are welcome.

  8. When I was a kid, I played such a role once. But nowadays, it makes me think of a uge lottery :)

  9. Beautiful photos! Proof positive that it is not only the surroundings that makes this city so fantastic, but the creative people who cherish and celebrate it.

    Keep them coming!


  10. I can't improve on Curly's comment, "a cracking good shot." He's right, of course! Didn't you want to join the children??

  11. Carlos, this is an AWESOME photo...thumbs up to you!

  12. Nice photo. Maybe a bit of cropping or zoom might have helped, but it looks like he's inside a jar of sweets.

  13. Beautiful photo. Is there a special City daily Photo school in Barcelona that you all come up with superb shots all the time ??? LOL

  14. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Superb execution!
    Wonderful find.

    all the best

  15. Andreea, Mathiew, Catalonic, Kate Lisi, Gail's man, Eric and Lachezar thanks to you all for coming and comments.

  16. Anonymous3:59 PM

    wow...great photo!!


    btw, i am so lucky tonight i can leave my comments here. :D

  17. Anonymous12:37 AM


  18. Anonymous7:59 AM

    please please, can i jump in too? haha...

  19. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Brilliant photo!!!! I was used to multicoloured ball baths but I love this one all in blue! Blue is my favourite colour too...


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