Barcelona Photoblog: Trencadís Serpentine Bench at Park Guell, Barcelona

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trencadís Serpentine Bench at Park Guell, Barcelona

Trencadis serpentine bench at Park Guell by Antoni Gaudi
Serpentine bench by Gaudi

From 1900 to 1914 Antoni Gaudi directed the construction of this park for Eusebi Güell

In 1923, Güell's family gave the estate property to the city. Another jewel for mankind to treasure. How many people came to sit on this bench, how many couples , how many families? 

I gathered some images trying to be original but this was no virgin territory. You almost have to elbow your way to take a decent picture. The sun is disappearing fast leaving behind soft golden tones on top of the broken shards of tile, no one in the way, I can't believe it. Click.


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    This decoration is so beautiful and your photo let it be seen so well. Thank you also for a wonderful tour in Park Güell.
    Unbelievable place ! I would like to see it in person!

  2. What a great angle!
    Also love the father& sons picture!

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I fond of Barcelona more and more after each oter your post. Thank you very much

  4. Lovely seat, gorgeous colours. I always think what you thought about old seats, doors, buildings in general. Who has touched this before? Lovely, thank you.

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    like this artistic the moment you beautiful light,and the composition...some clear,some blurring...

    ...Jing from shanghai

  6. Carlos, That is some bench! I saw Gaudi's work once a long time ago. Rather than serenity and peace as described in the link, I felt overwhelmed because of its unusual nature. It is more than remarkable

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    to like Gaudi is almost like a commonplace...but I cant help..I love his works:) and your photos Carlos!

  8. Me gusta el tamaño en el que muestras las fotos. He intentado conseguirlo cambiando los parámetros pero no hay manera. Si fueras tan amable me gustaria que me explicaras como hacerlo,

  9. Anonymous4:24 PM

    great shot. shows the hard work that has been put in long long long ago...

  10. Anonymous9:27 AM

    great depth and focus, Good one!!

  11. foto fantastica!!!

  12. Thank you my friends for all your warm comments.


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