Barcelona Photoblog: Those Little Moments We Never Forget

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Those Little Moments We Never Forget

Those Little Moments We Never Forget [Much Better Enlarged]
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The same day I took the other pictures about the Fisherman and Couple, Peers on Pier or the Boy With Bike Lost in Reflections, I managed to capture this tender moment of a father sharing a magical moment with his two sons. Although you can't see their faces you can feel that the little ones are concentrated on his father words translating plain realism into the language of the fantasy realm where they still dwell. Notice daddy holding their arms tight and the gracious twist in the hand of the one on the right. I remember this first time as if it was yesterday, I remember my father taking me for a stroll near a small wooden pier, there was a little patch of sand...the wood still smells of tar and saltpetre uphere inside my head. Bottom line, be there with them when you have the time, it may look silly or boring but they won't forget it!


  1. i agree this is a tender moment, and I like the fact that body language rather than facial expressions tell the tale. Lovely!

  2. son los momentos mágicos que habitan en nuestros recuerdos... qué frágiles y a la vez protegidos se ven los niños. Muy buen momento para una foto.

    Saludos :)

  3. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Sometimes I like this kind of photos in which we cannot see the expression on people's faces...
    In our mind, there is big space to imagine....their faces, their feeling.
    nice shot, nice comments...
    let me think of my childhood with daddy ... with mommy ...
    they just went home yesterday ...

    have a nice weekend~
    ..Jing from shanghai

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    how heart warming! both the picture and the write up!

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    definitelly this is the moment....I also remember how my father taught me to ride bycicle and we laughed a lot when I felt down..but we kept trying again and again..:)

  6. Not so "little" actually.... lol

  7. I love this one Carlos, a great shot for sharing! Wonder what they are talking about?

    Curly's Photoshop

  8. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Thank you for this photo and words.
    Time, what fathers give is Love, father`s
    hand in child`s hand is Love.

  9. Anonymous2:31 AM

    look like they have a good time there...lovely candid shot:-))

  10. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Amazing picture!

  11. Somehow the 2 basic colors (blue & brown)of the setting and the clothes worn by the father & sons are symbolically connected! Whether in Heaven and/or earth, love is all around. :)


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