Barcelona Photoblog: Gaudi: Lizards at Sagrada Familia

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gaudi: Lizards at Sagrada Familia

Gaudi Lizards in Sagrada Familia

For those of you who are fond of gargoyles,mythological beings,gods or goddesses, serpents, unicorns, gryphs or lizards I let you catch a glimpse of Gaudi's work on the façade of Sagrada Familia facing the upper side of the city also known as mountain side. It is a part that we tend to ignore as it reminds us of some other average churches but if you take a closer look you discover strange creatures for a church or impossible spires multiplying by the dozen on top.


  1. interesante detalle de la muy famosa obra de Gaudi... fenomenal!!!

    muchos saludos

  2. Both awesome and overpowering! Great shot!

  3. I was completely amazed by the Sagrada Familia. Only God knows how much film I used up while there.

  4. Beautiful facade and great shot.
    i'm amazed by the detail of lizards,it reminds me about the "Gargle then spit" which posted by Neorelix on Cambridge Daily Photo ( October 11,2006 ),
    this kind of architecture elements always show a charming looking to me.Thanks for sharing.

    i don't understand why they closed the window by bricks?

  5. Anonymous6:40 PM


  6. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Those lizards are absolutely terrific. Wish I could take them off and put them on my front door! Now that would be a great feature! Thanks Carlos.

  7. Thanks everybody. Harleqinpan, this side is being restored so I guess they will place some stain glass windows when they are over.

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    interesting creatures sculpture...they look almost real to me...nice perspective and angle shot:-))

  9. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Beautiful detail of the façade.


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