Barcelona Photoblog: Catalan Traditional Cocas at Suria

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Catalan Traditional Cocas at Suria

Catalan Traditional Cocas at Suria

A coca is a sort of flat, elongated or round bread dough base baked and covered with different ingredients. Technically similar to pizza you could say, but different in taste. You can have coca de recapte where such base is adorned with escalivada - a mixture of aubergines and red peppers cut into strips and dressed with olive oil (recommended for "anti-baconists") - or you can find the sweet versions (trillions of them swallowed with cava on Sant Joan's eve) covered with glazed fruit, custard, pumpkin jam or just sugar and pine nuts. Although sold in pastry shops and bakeries we prefer the ones baked using traditional recipes and artisan wood fired ovens as the ones in the picture.


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    yummy yummy..
    want some as my supper really!!!
    so beautiful colourful Coca~~


  2. Actually, this sounds a whole lot better than pizza! An appealing photo which makes me want to try them.

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Looks a lot more appetizing than the bacon! Great close up.

  4. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I feel hungry myself (even I am not:), when I look at this picture.

    But you have shown so many fine photos from your architecture, that you might be
    interested in my today`s post. I can say, it`s totally different compared with Gaudi!

  5. All I can say is Yummy!

    Did i tell you before that Suria means sun rays in Malay? So, I think it was quite apt that you made such a wonderful compliment to my morning star post. Thank you Carlos. Thank you. ;)

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    That is making me so hungry!

    I've eaten that in a restaurant except they put very thinly sliced tomatoes on them.

  7. Muy bueno (el fotoblog).

  8. -Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
    -Gracias Marcelo bienvenido.

  9. Anonymous4:12 AM

    look so yummy...great closed up shot:-))

  10. I think your photo's are absolutly stunning, brilliant work. I was just in Barcelona last month. I'll never forget my trip the sites were amasing and I'm in love with Senor Gaudi's work. I mentioned your blog on mine since I'm putting pics of Barcelona there.
    I told them if they wanted to see really good pics to come here. Thanks for sharing your pictures they are realling beautiful..

  11. Thanks Poramit
    Dianne, the fact that you recommend my work to others make me feel happy and proud. I enjoyed your series about Barcelona.


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