Barcelona Photoblog: Montserrat: The Serrated Mountain

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Montserrat: The Serrated Mountain

Montserrat near Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

One of the most distinctive features of Montserrat mountain range is its jagged, serrated silhouette (mont + serrat). The eroded conglomerate formations made of sedimentary rock in this natural park near Barcelona can be seen from the distance. When you approach the menhir-like tips you have this strange feeling of entering some kind of magic world, an impossible landscape in which Mother Nature invested a great deal of imagination. Besides the compulsory visit to Montserrat monastery, and if you have time enough to trek in the area, do check other routes organized by towns spread all over the mountain slopes. To give you just an example: Try to reach St. Benet Monastery (image above) departing from Monistrol de Montserrat. Details here: Monistrol - Montserrat


  1. This mountain range is so pretty! It has such presence and definition. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. I'd heard of the monastery but truly did not know of the mountain.

    I enlarged the photo to try to determine what the thing is that stands up on top of the mountain. I figure it must be a media tower of some sort....or maybe a warning tower for airplanes.

  3. Exciting and dramatic photo. Reminds me a bit of some mountains in our western states...

    I'd love to climb around there, but at my age it is wiser to walk slowly and take photographs!

  4. Anonymous2:13 AM

    For sure a place to see, a holy ground, to walk upon.

  5. Bellissima foto e bellissimo luogo, ci sono stata nel 2002, Ciao. :)

  6. This is an extraordinary wonder by mother nature! Absolute beauty!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  7. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  8. I heard that the mountain has special energies and is a very spiritual place to visit, and that you can meet lots of people in the area with ability to read your palm, future, give advice about life. I plan to visit soon!


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