Barcelona Photoblog: Straws - La Boqueria Market

October 22, 2009

Straws - La Boqueria Market

Juice with colorful straws at Sant Josep Market or La Boqueria Marquet in Barcelona

Whoever has visited La Boqueria market has probably seen the attractive display of colorful straws on the chilled glasses of orange juice.

I have to confess I rarely try one of those. You know, locals sometimes avoid the obvious specially when we think something is too much tourist-oriented. But one thing is certain, the presentation is fantastic and not just because some straws match FC Barcelona soccer team colors but also because of the perfect arrangement, the ice, the froth and the smell of fresh fruit.

In fact, I think I am being pretty unfair and stubborn in this case. Whatever you do, please don't miss this stall at the very entrance of La Boqueria market. Take a break and enjoy a refreshing glass of juice à ma santé!
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