Barcelona Photoblog: A Song to Maremagnum

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Song to Maremagnum

Guitar player at Maremagnum bridge [enlarge]

On the bridge to Maremagnum center there are numerous opportunities for interesting photographs. Many people stretch along the brim of the wooden planks looking both ways, the busier side where sightseeing boats and distant cruisers come and go or this part, where the marina is, much more idyllic and inspirational. Take a look at this musician in his solitude with no one but the boats, his guitar and of course me, annoying as a greedy seagull.


  1. Funky technique on this photo, Carlos! Great harbor view. Bon weekend

  2. I love the water on this photo. Looks like an oil painting.

  3. Nice. I love how interesting the water looks, it's almost like a mosaic.

  4. Excellent, Carlos. And I like your treatment of the photo very much. A polarizing effect?

    The guitar player takes this from being a good photo to a great photo.

    I can't imagine that you were bothering him. Unless, of course, you were singing along! ;-)

  5. Gracias viniendo de un webmaster como tu. Estás muy bien posicionado y recibes muchas visitas ¡eres un másquina de hacer fotos¡
    Ahora se trata de que la gente me visite, pues si no poco sentido tiene el blog...

  6. You are a very talented photographer Carlos. Bravo!


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