Barcelona Photoblog: Seafood Stand, Boqueria Market, Barcelona

October 18, 2009

Seafood Stand, Boqueria Market, Barcelona

Seafood Stand, Boqueria Market, Barcelona [enlarge]

Yesterday, I went to La Boqueria market and took some more pictures. For those who were interested in images that were more on the report side and less on the artistic one here is a general view of a seafood stand. There are others with more fish but I thought you would like to see the shells and some people buying stuff. Once more, there's a contradiction here: my first impulse would be to show only those beautiful gigantic shells from a close distance but you want to see more of the market. I understand. Maybe a little bit of everything is better. When you capture all the scene then you start getting some noise, like a bottle, a box, people talking on the right, a man turning his back on us, etc. But then again this blog is meant to please you more than myself. If not it would be a monologue.

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