Barcelona Photoblog: A Painter's Abstraction

October 08, 2009

A Painter's Abstraction

A Painter's Abstraction [enlarge]

Judging by this painter's canvas it might seem the picture is an abstraction. From my position, he seemed to be portraying a totally different scene. Considering the brush, this was merely the background, the first strokes on his sketch. It is hard for me to tell whether this is going to be an exact reproduction of the bar's terrace or a free approach although on the left side, next to his shoulder we can clearly see two or three well outlined heads. Maybe someone among you is more familiar with painting and could talk about this part of the process. As to my image. I don't like to play too much with the color on black and white effect but I wanted to highlight the notion of a new reality created out nothing, from pure black and white into a striking colorful canvas: abstract or realistic.

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