Barcelona Photoblog: Big Brother in Las Ramblas: Crime Ridden Streets or Privacy Breach?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Brother in Las Ramblas: Crime Ridden Streets or Privacy Breach?

Street cameras at Las Ramblas, Barcelona [enlarge]

Anyone that has visited or lives in Barcelona is perfectly aware of the fact that Las Ramblas is not the safest place in the world. The more crowded it gets the more pickpockets per square meter there are. The situation was getting so bad that extra surveillance was imperative and there came the cameras. As a result of this, you see less suspicious faces (thieves have this peculiar look when they are just about to steal) that undoubtedly are neither tourists nor locals in their daily routine simply because they have been pushed to neighboring narrow alleys away from big brother's perimetral vision. Once again punishment prevails over prevention. The root of petty offenses and misdemeanors lies many times in poverty, precariousness and exclusion and that should be the target point of our authorities before metastasis arrives.


  1. I find this photo so sad.

    On my previous visits to Barcelona I stopped in apartments just off La Rambla and loved the vibrancy of it.

    However we decided to stay in the Poble Nou area instead as La Rambla did start to feel unsafe and no longer quaint.

    Every 400 yards there were gangs of con men who hid money under cups and you had to guess where the money was.

    But worse....around 10pm at least a dozen prostitutes invaded La Rambla and they were propositioning all of the men....even the ones who were hand in hand with their wives.

    They were running their hands over the mens body, obviously frisking them with the intention of pick pocketing them.

    It was so sad and even the waiters were shaking their head in frustration.

    One of them told me that there were lots of letters of complaint from Barcelona residents in the newspapers but the authorities weren't doing anything about it.

    I hope that it improves and the authorities do act and clean up La Rambla.

    Barcelona is STILL my favouite city though :o)


  2. Cuando defender la seguridad se convierte en la perdida a la intimidad

  3. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Gorgeous shot, the tree is spectacular!

  4. Gary, thanks so much for still loving Barcelona in spite of the poor image. Thanks again for your support and the great comment.

    Sí Oscar, es toda una dicotomía que se resuelve siempre de mala manera.

    Yes, I do like the tree more than the rest. This one is not my fave Shawncita but it helped made a point about security. Thanks for reminding me about the tree.


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