Barcelona Photoblog: Skyscrapers in Barcelona: Diagonal 00, The New Telefonica Headquarters

Monday, November 15, 2010

Skyscrapers in Barcelona: Diagonal 00, The New Telefonica Headquarters

Diagonal 00 or ZERO ZERO, The Telefonica Head Office, Barcelona, Spain

It is no secret that Barcelona skyline is changing, specially near the coast. Even locals are surprised when in just a year interval they come across new skyscrapers here and there. That's precisely what happened to me today. What was just a small rhomboid base with three or four floors and a bunch of workers had turned into a magnificent jewel of modern architecture, fragile in appearance, with no pillars inside but just an exoskeleton, an external framework of beams, defying the strong winds of this esplanade in Barcelona waterfront.

Diagonal 00 located on the corner of Carrer del Taulat and the start of the Avinguda Diagonal, will hold all the administration offices and the future R + D headquarters of Spanish telecommunications company, Telefónica. The rhombus stands next to that small blue triangular building known as the Forum by Herzog and De Meuron, and the Spiraling Tower, designed by Zaha Hadid. Massip-Bosch Arquitectes Studio designed these 24 floors of glass and steel that will rise 110 metres over Barcelona city. It was supposed to be inaugurated this year and I would say they are giving it the final touches by the way it looked today.

Update: Learn more about the final result Diagonal Zero Zero today


  1. Yow, this is so futuristic looking. I'm talking Buck Rogers space travel futuristic. I like it but I'm not so sure it should be at the waterfront.

  2. Hermosisima toma Carlos. Bellisimo diseno.

  3. I think that the Avinguda Diagonal area of Barcelona is very exciting. There are some amazing examples of modern architecture.

    It makes for a fascinating city with the blend of old and new coming together.

    This a a fantastic photo Carlos and I can't wait to come back and see the building for myself.

    PS. When I was in Barcelona last year I see that they were making a new skyrise hotel near the Barcelonetta end...a bit like the hotel in Dubai. Have you mentioned this in your blog and I have I missed it? You are so lucky to be living there with so much to do and see.

  4. -Thanks. Yes, the waterfront is perhaps too exposed although they of course should have taken that into account.
    -Well you ought to see it from the base. There are no obstacles whatsoever to stand near the façade except for a temporary fence. The glass and metal structure exactly what you see in the picture on ground level, like a solid monolith.
    -Thanks Caroline.
    -Hi, Gary. Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed Barcelona so much. You seem to be fond of our city! I am not sure which hotel you mean. Similar to Dubai's must be what is known in Spanish as Hotel Vela (Sail hotel) or Hotel W by Ricardo Bofill. It is not the same as Burj Al Arab en Dubai but yes, some people say it looks like it. It has been shown in the background although there is no special post about it in my blog:

  5. Wow Carlos. You have a fantastic perspective on this photo. And the lighting perfectly picks out all the texture detail in the surface. It almost made me gasp when the image popped up on my screen.



  6. Carlos
    Thank you very much for the reply and for locating the link. Yes, it was the Hotel W that I was referring to. However after looking at your photograph, you are doesn't look anything like the hotel in Dubai :o)

    I'm very fond of Barcelona and would love to live there very much but it is very expensive, especially with the current exchange rate. I would love to live in the Poble Nou area which I instantly fell in love with on my last visit.

    If you have any pictures of the Rambla Del Poblenou you would make me very happy :o) Also if you have any other suggestions on recommended residential areas I would love to know.

    Thanks again Carlos.

    Best wishes


  7. No, I don't have any I guess about Rambla del Poblenou. Although I know the place cause I used to work at carrer Ramon Turró. When I visit that part I'll remember. As to recommendations, well that depends. I live in Nou Barris. You don't have the sea of Poblenou, nor the amount of shops you find in the downtown areas but it is a quite quarter, well communicated and cheaper. It is not the outskirts. Near Sagrada Familia is nicer. Gracia of course is great. Those are my favorites.

  8. Thanks very much for your reply and kindly providing me with some information on alternative residential areas. I am not familiar with the Nou Barris area so I look forward to exploring it.

    I find the residential areas of Barcelona just as exciting as the main tourist areas as it is good to see how everyday people live. The people are always very friendly.

    Thanks Carlos :o)


  9. Carlos!
    me encanta la foto, qué pose más imponente, y el cielo está genial, ahí detrás, azulito, muy chulo


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