Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Port: WTC, Cruisers and...Pigeons?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Barcelona Port: WTC, Cruisers and...Pigeons?

Barcelona Port

Here is a view of Barcelona Port, specifically Port Vell (Old Port) with World Trade Center building in the back, some cruisers and a lot of pigeons baking in the sun. I would like to mention my friend Kris from Little Town in Hungary who also included pigeons in her post yesterday. Once, long ago, in my childhood days I thought they were beautiful. I reckon they might be for those of you living in places where they are not crawling and creeping like rats as it happens here and in many countries. 

The other day I was fighting over a McDonald's hamburger with one of those predators. No wonder they swarm freely in the harbor area, they don't have natural enemies, just hunger, viruses and maybe seagulls, another growing menace in modern cities. Hey, don't misinterpret me, I love animals...birds too, but not THAT many!.

Relevant information: Barcelona World Trade Center, located at the end of Moll de Barcelona (Barcelona Wharf) was created by US architects, Pei, Coob, Fred & Partners, authors of the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum. For more details check the official site mentioned above. Cruisers like the ones in the picture depart from international seaport terminals on both sides of Barcelona wharf. The big metal structure is the tower of Jaume I, communicating the port with a neighboring hill called Montjuic by means of a cable car known as the Montjuïc Teleféric. Amazing view from there!  


  1. Hi Carlos,
    Very nice photo of the port, it is really looks like Athens port.
    I like your comment about animals I wish I have a photo with you fighting for a hamburger...(lol)

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Beautiful shot Carlos, the birds make a great focul point, then as you look around there is so much more to see. Well done.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    looking at this photo I imagined that maybe the pigeons were waiting for the large ship to have a cruise. It must be boring always to fly:)

  4. No pictures of that fight, Selana. It was perching on a chair next to my table
    trying to steal some crumbs from me. Thxs.
    Thanks John
    Thanks Zsolt, they could have departed altogether and drop down somewhere else.-)

  5. Me gusta mucho la composicion de la imagen con las palomas en primer termino.. una bonita imagen del puerto.

    Un saludo

  6. sono stato a Barcellona, ma tu mi racconto do nuovo la storia della città, grazie

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    if not for you exposing their "agressiveness" , i'd say they are adorable :D .BUT this is a wonderful photo, Carlos!

  8. -Gracias Paco y bienvenido.
    -Il mio piacere, Fabrizio
    -Kris, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have to point out that your post was not or at least did not sound "aggressive". I had already decided to choose that port image and then I saw yours with the pigeons and wanted to link it to make an issue although they were not very much related. My clumsy fault.-)

  9. Anonymous1:43 PM

    wonderful photo firstly.
    and about the pigeons, actually i like when they are flying...dont mention other things about them. :p they are cute and beautiful birds right??


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