Barcelona Photoblog: Children Photography: Tres Tombs Parade, Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Children Photography: Tres Tombs Parade, Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain

Children Photography: Tres Tombs Parade, Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

This two children were driving a small coach in the Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs (Tres Tombs parade) in Sant Andreu district, Barcelona. I won't give you details about the parade because I want to concentrate on the kids' pose and due to the fact that I will post many more related images next week. I have pointed out sometimes in this blog that I love the way children behave in front of the camera showing that part of the soul we stubbornly try to hide every single day of the year. Take a look at each of them, dressed in elegant aristocrat costumes...the boy is concentrated so much on the reins that nothing in this world could distract him away from such magic experience; and what about the little girl, with that stern look, half conceited, half irritated and still finding some time to wave a hand with noble grace. Children can always surprise you with the most spontaneus gesture and they almost always look great in pictures, but still there are ways to take the most out of that sudden improvisation. Here are some tips about children photography:
The Complete Guide to Children Photography: This is a good course to get a general idea about how to approach a child in photography to get the best results in your pictures.
Depth of Field: DOF is used consciously or by chance but to make the best out of it we must know how it works in detail. Discover this excellent tutorial about DOF.


  1. Very nice pic, I love your city.

  2. very nice photo, yes you are right, - kids are very beautiful to photograph.

    thanks for sharing the tutorials too =)

  3. Têm um ar tão compenetrado! Tão queridos!!!

  4. -Bucefalo, I like your pictures too. Thanks for coming.
    -Those pictures of the ferry I really enjoyed Pusa.
    -Hi, sailor girl, how is that atlantic blue? I also love blue and the sea. I think people should check your wonderful site.

  5. Olá, Carlos!
    Adorei essa foto das crianças. Que compenetradas que elas estão!
    Vim agradecer o teu comentário à minha foto, no Com Imagens. Na verdade, comecei a tirar fotos há muito puco tempo e elogios assim são sempre bem vindos.
    Obrigada. Prometo voltar mais vezes.

  6. Obrigado Carol. La foto es bonita y el fondo con la vista de las almenas del castillo de San Jorge es precioso. Entiendo el portugués al leerlo, así que tus poemas también me han gustado. Lo malo es que no pueda comentar también en portugués pero nos hacemos entender, es como un idioma hermano. Gracias.

  7. Magnificent the way you captured the heart and soul of those little ones.

  8. This is a wonderful shot! Great expressions!

  9. G'day Carlos! I'm having a fabulous time catching up with your pics. Great, as ever.

    My family and I are going to be visiting Barcelona in may this year! Maybe we could meet for a drink somewhere?

  10. How cute is that! I love it. Great photo opportunity!


    Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

  11. what a fabulous photograph. And thanks so much for the photography information. so helpful.


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