Friday, February 2, 2007

Catalan Architecture: Balcony at Plaza Catalunya

Catalan Architecture: Balcony at Plaza Catalunya
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Here is a detail of a balcony at the intersection of Rambla de Catalunya and Ronda Universitat, just next to H10 Catalunya Plaza Hotel. To get a better idea see this picture via QDQ, a wonderful visual street map: Side View. Besides admiring the wonderful ironwork of the balcony, you can take a look at a virtual tour of Plaza Catalunya or visit their site for more Barcelona 360º panos.

PS: Don't forget there are two Holgas for free in the ABSOLUTLOMO CONTEST! and anyone can participate.


  1. :P
    i find some similiar factors, that dragon-head sculptures.
    cool detailed shot.


  2. What a beautiful photo!

    Espero que no les pase como a las gárgolas de la Catedral de León...


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