Barcelona Photoblog: Social Distortion

February 25, 2007

Social Distortion

Social Distortion
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History repeating itself, deja vu, retro? Fashion comes and goes and the clothes of the fathers are now the "innest" stuff for the sons. Did that make us social distorted too then? Who is behind this design? A drinking skeleton, is that what they should become or are they referring to the state parents are in now after going on too many boozing sprees? Too many questions I know but I have been always intrigued by fashion and youngsters' striving for being completely distorted...hmmm, what a wonderful times we had!

Update: People portrayed in this picture has nothing to do with what is expressed as my own personal opinion in this article. This post has provoked different reactions, possibly because I am no expert as you can see in this matter. I was only referring to youth and fashion. In order to avoid misinterpretation and some wild opinions clearly out of place, comments will remain closed and those already accepted hidden. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to visitors or any people implied.

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