Barcelona Photoblog: Spanish Souvenirs in Barcelona: A Canned Stereotype

February 24, 2007

Spanish Souvenirs in Barcelona: A Canned Stereotype

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Of course a souvenir shop always tries to sell stereotyped products of the country or the city as this is precisely what tourists are prone to buy, unaware of other traits that you normally discover after a second or third visit. Spain is a multicolor, multilanguage, multiethnic and multi-everything nation and what is good for some parts of it is not applicable to the rest. It is a common cliché to think that we are all matadors, go around saying "ole" (we do but watching soccer matches) and dance flamenco in our spare time. Of course there are people for each and every ingredient in this melting pot, but remember not to mingle them no matter how idyllic it may look.

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