Barcelona Photoblog: Ferrer i Guardia Monument in Montjuic

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ferrer i Guardia Monument in Montjuic

Ferrer i Guardia Monument in Montjuic
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This is a monument in honor of Francisco Ferrer i Guardia in Montjuic. It is one of the many sculptures scattered around the mountain paths. One of those controverted characters in our history, an anarchist and teacher arrested and executed without any proof by firing squad at Montjuic Fortress in Barcelona on October 13, 1909.


  1. Hi Carlos,this is HKDP visiting DP blogs from Shanghai! finally I have got the time and internet connection to visit...I like the skyline/fountain photo and today's is cool perspective as well!

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I was shocked to read what they did to Gaudi's sculpture at Park Guell. It produced a very sad feeling in me, wondering what's wrong with people? Why destroy somenthing beautiful, why so much hate? Well, it's hard to find these kind of answers. El mundo desde siempre fue lleno de personas intolerantes, personas que tornan un poco mas difícil vivir en esto planeta. Bueno, nosostros tenemos que continuar a creer en mejores días! Espiero que el lizard sea recuperado muy pronto.

  3. Hola Carlos.
    Me gusta mucho tu blog. Estuve en Barcelona hace un semana (2 semanas para aprender espanol en un curso de idiomas). También tengo un fotoblog con photos de Barcelona, pero saqué fotos a una camara de film. Si quieres puedes mirarlas aqui:
    Barcelona es un lugar magico...espero que vuelva pronto...


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