Barcelona Photoblog: Modernist Letterbox at Casa de L'Ardiaca, Barri Gotic

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Modernist Letterbox at Casa de L'Ardiaca, Barri Gotic

Marble Letterbox, Casa de l'Arcadia in Barri Gotic, Barcelona
Letterbox, Casa de L'Arcadia, Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Off we go in an imaginary trip along the streets of Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter).

You are facing Barcelona Cathedral, climb the stairs and turn right on a narrow street called Santa Llúcia.

Suddenly you are right in front of Casa de l’Ardiaca, the Archdeacon's house. The building where the Municipal History Archives are since 1921, is made of two houses, being the other the Deacon's house or Casa Degá.

The first buildings date back from the XII century and were remodeled into a palace by Lluis Desplà, the Archdeacon, in 1520.

As a curiosity we should say that it was built against the Roman wall which you can see from the ground floor and that the interior patio lodges the famous fountain (used for Eucharist) with the floating egg known as l'Ou com balla in Catalan. On the façade of the Flamboyant Gothic palace we can admire this marble letterbox created by the Modernista architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner commissioned to decorate the building in 1902.


  1. Me encantan los detalles, la tortuguita quiere colarse por la rendija..

  2. Thanks for all the info! Love the turtle!

  3. Thanks Dsole and Kate. I really liked this mailbox but it seems that it is too boring a picture after all the "buzz". I was really impressed when I was there right in front. It is funny how you get wonderful reactions for the most unexpected things and then you can hear the desert wind blowing when you are about to show something that you really, really like (that's life)LOL. Thanks for coming my friends. Oh gosh, on top of that Barcelona has been beaten by Liverpool FC. It seems that we played like s...! Can it be worse

  4. Very interesting! When we wish to quickly receive a letter from pigeon, but it's often as slow as from a turtle!


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