Barcelona Photoblog: Agbar Tower Reflection on a 22 @ Building

October 24, 2006

Agbar Tower Reflection on a 22 @ Building

Agbar Tower Reflection on 22 @ Building

To continue with the mirror series today I want you to look at Agbar Tower's reflection on a 22 @ District building. It is hard to photograph this tower by Jean Nouvel and still be original. I don't know how many pictures have been taken from this angle but following that rule of thumb I'd better stay at home. I had a great time this day. It was sunny and I was walking through this side of 22 @ district where buildings are about to be inaugurated and streets are still closed to traffic, so it was some kind of urban oasis (notice the contradiction). I had all the time in this world to stand in the middle of an intersection and shoot at the building. I recommend you take a look at these fantastic images of Agbar Tower by Desenfocado or by Bob.

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