Barcelona Photoblog: Poverty in Barcelona: Tramp at Maremagnum

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poverty in Barcelona: Tramp at Maremagnum

Tourism and Tramps
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Alienated, abandoned, neglected, homeless tramps. Poverty goes with society, it has been there before and it will be there in the future, it is the byproduct of human ambition. Being different and impaired is punished with ignorance and rejection for the sake of the pack. When are we going to think and act as civilized animals instead of just animals?

Aerial Photo of Maremagnum in Port vell, Barcelona via Google Earth.


  1. I agree with you and Franklin D Roosevelt that how a society treats its most vulnerable is athe measure of that society.

  2. You ask good questions. It is a sad commentary on certain aspects of the human condition.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    studies show that some choose to live the homeless life style. Until we approach them , its hard to understand the real reason

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    its a serious and interesting topic as about the poverty.
    Serious, because some of the poor dont want to be the poor but the uncontrolled changes happening to them and less helpness for them.
    Interesting, because some of the poor just want to live in the homeless life style as Kris said. They maybe have the abilities to live better, but they choose the way they want. :)

    I think each person in this world is unique, that is the reason our society is very mysterious, and has many many aspects.
    i like this sentence:
    Poverty goes with society!!! It reminds me think of the control ambition. Let me think of the annoied things here that we cannot open any websites about the "blogspot" again...maybe some technical problems, but I would like to believe it is the reason that the Chinese government blocked those websites again!!
    terrible for me~~terrible for Chinese netizen!!
    I spent lots of time online to find some "proxy service" way to open the blogs again.


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