Barcelona Photoblog: Living Statue at Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Devil's Work


Monday, October 2, 2006

Living Statue at Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Devil's Work

Living Statues at Las Ramblas, Barcelona: Devil's  Work
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I have seen the Devil at Las Ramblas, Barcelona, he wasn't wearing Prada though. Who says the Devil does not rest. One of Barcelona's most famous living statues and mysteriously ignored by my camera until now, was taking a break after a hard day's work. There was no smell of sulphur, like Chávez said of Bush, but it was terribly hot that day. Damn it!

Check this impressive work in BW combining two or three images at a time, that is, using dypthics or triptychs by Nitifixis


  1. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Living statues? Interesting concept. This one would be scary I think. It looks like his horns are actually welded on.

  2. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Amazing statue!
    I think I wont sit there facing him...he is red and has a tail and ... I would have many terrible imagination about him.
    But its really nice to have such unique statue in your city. People will be impressed.
    By the way, that tree can be seen in Shanghai's streets too~~
    nice photo!

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    he does this daily. that's a lot of make-up amazing job, he did!

  4. Anonymous5:31 PM

    wow. i wonder how long will he take to clean up. Nice picture Barcelona.

  5. il diavolo risalito sulla terra!

    grandi immagini!

  6. I've heard about Las Ramblas from English people who have visited, these sure are pretty colourful pictures Carlos.


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