Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Photobloggers Opens Exhibition: De la Red a la Pared

Friday, October 20, 2006

Barcelona Photobloggers Opens Exhibition: De la Red a la Pared

Sculpture of Woman
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This picture of woman sculpture, sitting and holding her knee, was part of a temporary exhibition some months ago at Illa Diagonal. I rescued it from the archives too. The anecdote here was that it was allowed to take photographs of the exhibition but not of the shopping center, thus the policeman in the background pretending not to see. He had already warned me seconds before and kept an eye on me. One of the many funny or compromised situations a photographer, amateur or pro has to experience every once in a while. I wanted to show an image of one of the many exhibitions in Barcelona this year to make a point today:
Barcelona Photobloggers , the community made up of more than 50 photographers and representing all photobloggers in Barcelona, opens an exhibition called "De la Red a La Pared", from Oct 19th to Nov 9th at Fotonauta Gallery in carrer Vic, 15 (see Google map). Admission is free. More than 300 pictures taken by 22 members will be exposed and everyone is invited (if you are in the city of course). I have to say that this author could not participate but will encourage the work of the group that represents us all. Here is a link to an article, announcing the exhibition, which appeared today in, the online version of one the most prestigious newspapers in Spain.

PS: Here is a last minute link to one of Barcelona Photobloggers members: Desnivell, showing a fresh image of the exhibition.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    absolutely love the composition, Carlos!
    why didnt u participate?

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    it was a great choice to make it black and white! very good photo:)

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    First of all, nice secret shot!!
    I like the right part of this photo:people's shadow....great!!!
    And i met the situations as you did while taking photos in the shopping centers. i was warned more than 3 times already i think, each time when i wanted to take some nice view in the shopping centres....:( dont know why.
    anyway, we are the photo crazes ... :D

    have a nice weekend there.

  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    very nice indeed...

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Very good B&W photo! I like the way you took this picture.

  6. Anything for art, right!? Thanks for the links; I enjoyed perusing some of the photos.

  7. que photo tìo...muy bonita!!
    Una pregunta...porquè nunca has hecho una photo en el barrio de Gracia?? Es un lugar asì interesante...
    saludos desde roma

  8. Kris- Thanks for your apraisal
    Zsolt-After some doubt, yes I think Bw was better. thanks
    Jing-Thanks Jing for all those comments I received from you today.
    Keropok- Thank you very much
    ~Tanty~I like the light coming from the ceiling most of all, maybe I twisted it as I was more worried about the guard watching me than the frame.
    Kate-I know you cannot watch much from there but I want you all to get in touch with some more photobloggers from Barcelona. So if my links were useful I will be rewarded.
    bunyamin-thanks bunyamin, my pleasure
    giampi- Que buena pregunta. Nunca me lo había planteado. He estado muchas veces pero hace tiempo y hasta ahora mis movimientos por la ciudad no han coincidido, no es nada personal, que quede claro. Quizá, ahora que pienso renovar mi equipo, le dedique unas merecidas fotos al barrio de Gracia. Gracias por el saludo Giampi, lo propio.

  9. Yes, I hate feeling like the criminal photographer whether in situations where you aren't supposed to take photos or when people give mean looks! Hope the show goes well!


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