Barcelona Photoblog: Weekend, Barcelona: Turistic Bus Stop in Plaza Catalunya

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Weekend, Barcelona: Turistic Bus Stop in Plaza Catalunya

Weekend, Barcelona: Turistic Bus Stop in Plaza Catalunya

On any Saturday or Sunday morning in the neuralgic spots of the city you see this image which is becoming more and more frequent as the flow of tourists grow beyond expectations. A huge number of people standing in line waiting for the Bus Turistic to come. I was waiting in front of the Triangle for my wife, and took my camera and shot at the innocent victims (not mine) suffocating under the morning sun.

Google Maps Aerial Image of Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I like this photo.For I can see this kind of situation in Shanghai more often...
    I think I want to imitate...
    Hope I can do well....
    have a nice weekend, Carlos~~

  2. I like this city scene, with lots of people and also the open top bus...I think I would go for Bus Turistic :-)

    btw, Carlos, this post has taken a long time to load...just to let you know :-)

  3. Thanks Jing and Lisi. I will see to that lisi. I don't know if blogger is responsible or not. Maybe I post less pictures on the front page.

  4. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Tourism is a growing industry everywhere at the moment, huh? Well, not everywhere . . . .

  5. Surely there is not enough room one bus for all of these passengers Carlos, lot's of profit for the operator though!

    Curly's Photoshop

  6. Wearing those awful shorts, they deserve to suffer in the sun. Perhaps next time they'll remember to wear long pants in the city.

  7. Far, far better to get on at less popular stops (Barceloneta, Hotel Arts for example!)


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