Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Forum Area: Stiltwalker

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Barcelona Forum Area: Stiltwalker

Stiltwalker in Barcelona Forum
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While entering Barcelona Forum Area this weekend to visit the II Saló de la Xocolata, an event organized by prestigious chocolate companies to get in touch with the public (let's call it publicity campaign), we found this funny stiltwalker giving children a warm welcome. Here you have two more snaps in a different pose: 1 and 2.


  1. Amazing. No hands holding onto sticks to help with balance. This is a wonderful photo of a very interesting looking performer.

  2. What a great gift for the childen's pleasure and fun. I liked #2 and had to laugh because the passers-by seemed to ignore this funny, but talented individual as they walked away.

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Um...great colours!!
    and so shining weather there!envy you!!
    the walker has a funny hat..LOL. looks like a big yellow bulb.

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    again wonderful Carlos photos. I like all the three versions you posted.

  5. oh carlos, I'm quite a tall person but you've made me feel quite short just by looking at this picture ;)

  6. Thank you very much for your compliments, that touches me much

    A mon tour de te dire que j'aime énormément ton blog, vivant, sympathique, joyeux et professionnel.

  7. I've seen stilt walkers before and it looks very difficult. Where is the chocolate?

  8. Thanks everybody. I haven't been able to answer before but I found time to visit and enjoy your work though, which makes me happier than just answering. I am trying to make time for everyone, but it is very hard. Felicia your wrote while i was writing down these lines so i will tell you that chocolate was inside the premises. An exhibition that was over the same day I went there. It was no big deal and besides i was not lucky with the shots. I didn't want to publicize Nestle or Mars anyway-). But I swallowed some good chocolate bars inside, you bet! Thanks for pointing out though.

  9. Anonymous1:20 PM

    She seems only half assured, and her precarious balance adds to the interest of the picture


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