Barcelona Photoblog: Brain Cut at Cosmocaixa Science Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brain Cut at Cosmocaixa Science Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Brain Cut at Cosmocaixa Science Museum, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Where did all the knowledge go? In what secret chamber were my feelings stored? Which intricate volutes concealed the mistery of my soul? My nightmares, my childhood, my secrets, all that love, my deja vus, my premonitions, my nostalgy, my fears, is that all erased forever more? My humanity, my morality, my religion, my sense of beauty, my taboos, my sexuality! Oh Lord! What mighty purpose is there behind experiencing life so vividly and having to perish by natural laws?
The brain cut that serves as the inspiration for this philosophical conundrum was photographed inside Cosmocaixa Science Museum. In case you want to know more about your brain take a look at The History of the Brain


  1. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for visiting today and for your nice comment.

    Your picture is so detailed today, I dont think I've ever seen a picture of the human brain in such detail before. What I really, really liked about your post today though is the comment that went with it. I really liked the contrast between the photo and what you had to say. I liked what you said very much.

  2. Great photo and commentary, wow - I agree with D.

  3. Muitíssimo bem tirada. Excelente.

  4. These anatomical "slices" always give me pause. Do I really want to know all there is to know about my body, especially my brain? I'm curious, but I think I'll pass. The great photo of yours is sufficient to satisfy my curiosity.

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