Barcelona Photoblog: Costumes from Around the World: Barcelona Carnival 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Costumes from Around the World: Barcelona Carnival 2008

Costumes from Around the World: Barcelona Carnival 2008 [enlarge]

More colorful costumes. Participants went by fast so I couldn't take notes or grab the names of the countries. I vaguely remember the name was shouted over a distant loudspeaker but I must work harder with my brain trainer nintendo game to recover the original status my numbed mind once had. Please help me find out what country was this woman in blue from. Yes, I know, you don't have the pleasure to know her but any idea about her traditional dress?


  1. Espantoso azul... lindo de morrer!

  2. Gracias Tarantino. Hoy me has hecho buscar el diccionario porque me has asustado. En castellano, "espantoso" significa "horrible" pero gracias a Dios veo que en portugués es "asombroso". I finally have translated this "Amazing blue, really stunning". I have to learn more Portuguese! In case, someone gets lost here, "espantoso" means "horrible" in Spanish, but "amazing" in Portuguese. It has been really interesting for me to learn that.

  3. Nesse caso vou dizer fabuloso, não vá ser mal interpretado.

  4. Ops... caramba ... o que se arranja de confusão...

  5. Gracias Daniel, por supuesto. He aprendido una palabra nueva y además ha sido una anécdota curiosa. ;)

  6. I'm not sure which country she's from, although her dress resembles some I;ve seen from various South American countries. . .Perhaps Ecuador. . . .


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