Barcelona Photoblog: Pirena Dog Show: Boxer

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pirena Dog Show: Boxer


A photograph of a boxer during a dog show taken from my archives. To be precise the animal was participating in a race along with other dog breeds and the show was part of Pirena 2007. To get a better idea about when this happened and what Pirena is please check my previous post: Pirena 2007


  1. O movimento do cão ficou bem captado, mas o enquadramento de fundo é único.

    The moving dog is well framed, but the landscape and frame are unique.

  2. Excelente imagem, conseguiste apanhar o momento certo, muito bem.

  3. Carlos, thank you very much for your comments on my blog. I love your city. It's gorgeous. I wish I had the money to visit it more often. And the people are fantastic too. You have some very nice photos on your blogs. Tell me, is Bar Marseilla still open? The old bar with the dangerous absinthe. Close to Las Rumblas ;) All the best.


  4. Gracias a mis amigos portugueses Quin y Daniel.
    Welcome Georgie. You seem to know the city very well! It is still open. Those interested in tasting the famous drink check this address for directions:

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    This is excellent. I enjoy your photos very much.


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