Barcelona Photoblog: Vildsvin, The Old Tavern in Ferran Street, Barcelona

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vildsvin, The Old Tavern in Ferran Street, Barcelona

Vildsvin, The Old Tavern in Ferran Street, Barcelona [enlarge]

Vildsvin, The Old Tavern (L'Antiga Taverna), 38 Ferran, Barcelona. It is funny to use a Swedish word to baptize the stylish but informal middle European tavern conceived by Sagardi Euskal Taberna Group. If you are reading this you know English, so Vildsvin might ring a bell. Let's see in German: Wildschwein. Huh, do you get it now? Wild Swine? Ok, let's quit it. That's a wild boar. Would you believe that a cute, chic place, with tiled floor, noble wood furniture and an oyster bar in the ground floor is called the Wild Boar? Nope. So I can imagine some smart guy, saying hey, it has to be a wild boar cause a tavern is a tavern but we are going to make it sound a little posh so we create an atmosphere here.


  1. Really nice pictures!
    Just wanted to point out that vildsvin is actually a Danish word, not just a poshed-up German word. It means wild boar of course.:)

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  3. Thanks Jim. I never said it was Germain. But I did say it was Swedish. I have met both Swedish and Danish people. I know there is some "rivalry". I am aware that Swedish sounds like more harsh and Danish is more musical and loosened up, if you know what I mean. By the way I once had a Danish girlfriend. I can't say for sure whether vildsvin is Swedish or Danish so I appreciate your reminder. Thanks. Of course I don't mean any of these languages are or sound posh. It is just that some words sound elegant when you don't know what they mean. Any French word of those we are so familiar with when it comes to haute cuisine are misleading in that sense.

  4. Hola, Carlos. We have a Wild Boar Restaurant in Nashville. It is quite nice.

    Lo siento que no he escrito mucho. . .Tenia cirugia del hombro y no podia usar el brazo por unas semanas. Todavia tengo problema usarlo, per estoy mejorando cada dia.

  5. Wild Boar is a good word too! Chris. I am sure it is a nice restaurant. But I sometimes have preconceived ideas suggested by the name of the place which later aren't. By the way, I love wild boar meat with a good wine. There is a nice place here called El Tossal in Gracia where you can have wild boar, venison or an exquisite foie gras but that's part of another story.


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