Barcelona Photoblog: Withered Flower

Friday, April 11, 2008

Withered Flower

Withered Barcelona Flower [enlarge]

Flowers come and flowers go, the essence of life. Splendor dissapears but you can still find beauty in withering things. Nature is like a whimsical damsel that needs to wear new makeup and dress every single day, every single minute, ever since the world began.


  1. Point of fact:

    The Latin expression 'Carpe diem' is very commonly mistranslated as 'Seize the day'. What it -should- be translated as is "Pluck the day", as if it were a flower.

    And those're some pretty gerbera daisies!

  2. Heather your flower knowledge is so welcome. Come to think of it, my illiteracy when it comes to botany is always softened by your exact classification of flowers. The point of fact you mentioned is exquisite and totally appropriate for my post. Thank you very much.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Linda fotografia e aprendi, ao fim destes anos todos, que nos andaram a enganar com a história do Carpe Diem!

  4. I notice that your blog is full of vibrant colors. I like the cheerfulness you put in each of these photos :)

  5. -Gracias Quin. Me alegra que nos hayan aclarado el significado de una vez. Ha sido una información útil.
    -Pipini, I think you came up with a good definition. If one thing I do is to dedicate a lot of time and effort to each photograph and I really enjoy doing it. As to color thanks for your kind words. I am not completely satisfied, I see other pictures out there that I would like to take myself, I mean pro or amateur images that seem to be flawless sometimes and impress me in many ways. Maybe I'll never reach such results but I have a lot of fun trying to improve. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous11:18 AM


    Did you see the golondrinas already? They just arrived, I hope you find some shoot with them. Flowers and golondrinas, thats spring for me! :-)


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