Barcelona Photoblog: Rambla de Mar Lightweight Bridge, Barcelona, Spain

April 28, 2008

Rambla de Mar Lightweight Bridge, Barcelona, Spain

Rambla de Mar Lightweight Bridge and Sailing Boat in Barcelona, Spain

Witnessed by the anxious crowd gathering on the Rambla de Mar lightweight bridge close to Maremagnum shopping center, gently sails this boat, stopping time for some minutes and forcing visitors to enjoy the view longer than expected, till the mechanism in the bridge extends the wooden platform towards the pier on the other side. The bridge by Viaplana and Pinion leads to Las Ramblas nearby and was featured in Barcelona Photoblog in the past: Waiting for the Bridge at Rambla de Mar and Maremagnum Wooden Bridge in Rush Hours.

And just in case you would like to enjoy the same view daily here is list of Barcelona hotels near the port:

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