Saturday, March 11, 2006

Las Ramblas: Dragon and Umbrella Photo

Just in front of La Boqueria market and very close to the opera house El Liceu, on the fa├žade of one of the art deco style buildings you find this magnificent dragon holding an enormous lamp in menacing attitude as if guarding the old umbrella shop shut down a long time ago. Besides the oversized fan on top, a curious umbrella keeps floating in the air as the reminder of old prosperous times for this trade.


  1. Nice photo...and the "floating" umbrella looks really interesting :)

  2. Great photo. Odd that both you and Bob of Barcelona chose lamps today for your blog!

  3. That's an interesting combination. I wonder, was it an asian umbrella shop?

  4. >Thanks Anne.
    >Yes Luggi, you are right. After your comment I took a look at Bob's picture. Oddly enough we both dealt with similar topics. Luckily it was not the same lamp.
    >Sorry I don´t know at the present moment if the shop was Asian. Though it is an interesting question.

  5. I kept wondering about the significance of that umbrella for a while (I usually look at the photo before reading the text).

    Anyway, pretty cool!


  6. Thanks Manuel for noticing the ambiguity of the umbrella in the picture. Interesting observation!