Barcelona Photoblog: A Touch of Strawberry Red

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Touch of Strawberry Red

A Touch of Strawberry Red: Click to resize

Going down Las Ramblas, just next to the Liceu Opera House to your right, you will see the entrance to the most renown market in the city La Boqueria. The place is always full of tourists and locals. Customers fight their way through the crowds of photographers-to-be, camera in hand, competing for the best picture of the remarkable exhibition of exotic or traditional fruit like these healthy red strawberries. The best stalls are right at the main gate though. Try going to the other side then and visit the little squares a couple of blocks away where there are nice restaurants or bars to sit outside in the sun. If you are a graffiti lover you will have a perfect day too. To know more check the history of La Boqueria market.
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