Barcelona Photoblog: Joan Miro: A Photo in Pastel

March 08, 2006

Joan Miro: A Photo in Pastel

Dona i ocell (Woman and Bird), in the Parc de l'Escorxador (literally Slaughterhouse Park), was inaugurated April 16, 1983 and was meant to welcome visitors coming to Barcelona traveling overland. Placed in the same place where the slaughterhouse used to be from 1892 to 1979, it is a combination of phallic and female genital elements, evoking the Roman habit of engraving or carving such images or motifs on the city gates to wish travelers good health and give them strength. The collage of colors against the blue sky reminded me of some aquarel or oil pastel painting so I decided to enhance that by giving the not so beautiful buildings in the back some artistic daubs with a well known image editor. Perhaps you would like to follow this link to Joan Miró

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