Barcelona Photoblog: Street Artist Photo


Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Street Artist Photo

Barcelona is a cultural melting pot, and Las Ramblas is the main stage. Street artists from all over the world, scattered among flower and animal stalls give their particular impersonation of different characters, acting as human statues that witness silently the parade of tourists swarming around them to steal pictures and maybe drop some coins in their "vase".


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Hola! I've just found your blog! I'll put you in my blogroll so that I can keep in touch with barcelona a little :-) Hasta luego!

  2. ... I was just wondering, where do those guys dress up, what do you think? Do they come to the place already fully dressed or do they change in public restrooms somewhere close? ... I just imagined Cesar taking the city bus....

  3. that's a very cool photo, colors stand out so you have to pay to photograph them?

  4. Well Lisi in fact most of them rely upon your tips, but to my surprise this time they did warn me that I should pay. I said ok, took my picture (by the way Caesar was arguing with somebody at the moment) and gave them 1 euro and found out they were charging just 50 cents. I would have paid more, believe me. Thanks for comment.

  5. Ok Nicola, I´ve seen some of them making up and putting clothes on in the same place they perform, but others come from somewhere else. I guess they must live in the neighborhood. This part of the city is full of old buildings with a lot of rooms to let for a cheaper price so they are stuffed with globe trotters, musicians, students or just immigrants trying to survive. Thanks for comment

  6. Marjorie, thank you very much for blogrolling me. I went over your page and found some interesting articles and good links. I will be following it from now on. I understand a little french, more than this :-) "¡Auvoir!"


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