Barcelona Photoblog: Casa Bruno Quadros: Modernism or Eclectic Whim

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Casa Bruno Quadros: Modernism or Eclectic Whim

Casa Bruno Quadros: Modernism or Eclectic Whim: Click to Resize

At number 82 of Las Ramblas (remember the place I mentioned in the Dragon and Umbrella post) Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas the same artist that designed L'Arc del Trionf located east of barri gótic, built this house from 1891 to 1896, meant to be an umbrella shop. The building is often disregarded as part of Catalan Modernisme because of its eclectic style splashed as it is with so many elements of Far East inspiration in vogue during the Universal Exposition of 1888. Though I had shown the other side I believe its beauty well deserves a second glance.


  1. Wow, this is better than any sign - you get right away what this is about. I think they should sell umbrellas there again... :)

  2. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks. I'd never noticed the top before.

  3. wow cool! Barcelona has the most amazing spots!! The umbrellas!! great!

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Great photo!
    I also like the way the fans are incorporated into the umbrella designs.

    Carlos, would you please comment on your choice of perspective in this photo? It seems very dynamic. I won't be offended if you ignore this request! [smile] Brian

  5. >Nicola: Thanks Nicola. Yes, they would sell like crazy.
    >Bob: If it weren't for the dragon picture I published recently I would have never looked up and seen the umbrellas. We get used to things and there´s no time for details. We have lost that curiosity that only kids have.
    >Cynthia: Thank you very much.
    >Brian: I like angles. I think the building looks more powerful when in a different perspective. Las Ramblas is a two way street divided by a central promenade, pretty wide and always full of people, so I got near the curb on the middle walk's side and hid in the shadow of a stall to avoid overexposing. From there the distance was so short I had to sacrifice the main floor in favor of the symmetry of the roof, but luckily I would get the umbrellas casting some more shadow and being not just some spots on the wall as it would have been the case facing the building.

  6. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Thank you very much for your comments: a great help! After years of not taking photographs, you and other members of DailyPhoto have inspired me to try to recover my "eye" and eventually post a DailyPhoto.

    As an exercise, I 'corrected' the vertical perspective of your picture and asked a friend to look at the two photos. "Very interesting", she said about the 'corrected' version. "But, frankly", she said, "I prefer the original!" Ahhh ... the undefinable photographic eye! Of course, I deleted the 'corrected' version of your photo made in the exercise. Thanks and cheers - Brian.

  7. Olá, descobri o seu blog numa pesquisa que estava a fazer pela net.
    Gostei muito das imagens que vi, embora não tenha visto tudo.
    Fiz download da duas fotografias referentes à "Casa Bruno Quadros" para usar no meu blog com a devida referencia ao seu site.
    Espero que não se importe.



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