Barcelona Photoblog: Barcelona Artists: Drawings or Photos?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Barcelona Artists: Drawings or Photos?

Barcelona Artists: Drawings or Photos?: Click to resize

How many times have you seen these anonymous artists while going for a stroll in big cities like London, Paris, Rome or maybe your own? In Barcelona you may have the chance to have your small photo drawn freehand if you don´t have patience enough to sit and pose while being the center of attention of onlookers. Maybe you are later exhibited in this gallery of famous hollywood actors. Conclusion: Yet another expression of art to enjoy in Las Ramblas.


  1. Great shot and sketches !!! and love the contrast between b/w and the colour b/ground :)

  2. Very talented again! Who is the actor in the middle row on the outer right? I think I recognize all the others but with this one I'm not sure...

  3. Oops, I meant actress not actor...

  4. wow, these really look like photos, whata great sketch artist!
    Great shot!

  5. * Fotoaddict: You do? Thanks. It was interesting cause the effect came out without manipulation this time, I guess it was a wrong exposition. Thanks
    * Nicola: Wow, this is difficult. I remember seeing her but not the name, I remembered just one movie! I will try to find out but anyone can give the answer to the quiz here. Be my guest.
    * Cynthia: I wonder how they do that. I have another picture with the artist at work but I liked this one better. Doesn´t it happen to you all that you make several pictures but it is hard to choose one for the blog? Thanks.

  6. We have these kind of street artists in NYC also, mostly in Central Park and the West Village, I didn't realize they were in Barcelona too, and of course there are the chalk artists who reproduce famous classical paintings on the sidewalks -- you probably have those also...

  7. That's a really cool photo - love the drawings - amazing, they do look like photos!

  8. >Hello, Bryan and Lucy,I mentioned big cities in Europe and I forgot to mention the Big Apple or Frisco. Of course you have lots of urban artists and good in fact. Chalk artists I have seen once here but is not that common to see. We have a little bit of everything but not in such large scale. I am glad you came round my place. Thanks
    > Hello Sam it is good you come back. Thanks, I appreciate that you like it. How are things in Montchauvet?

  9. It's a great thing to see places such wonderful and rare displays of such great drawings. Simply Superb!


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