Barcelona Photoblog: Street Artist Photo V

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Street Artist Photo V

Street Artist Photo V: Click to resize

Tourists wouldn´t miss by any chance posing with a glittering star like Gary "Cupper" (so would sound Cooper in Spanish more or less). Hope he doesn´t mind me calling him such names. This funny cowboy conquers your camera with his winks and his sweet smile, of course you have to pay a little for the reward but it is worth the price. There's always a history of sacrifice behind each of these performances.


  1. I hope we have artists like him here. Or maybe I have to visit Europe someday.

  2. Aren´t there street artists too?. Well you have Kabuki or No, for example which is very good! And yes you ought to come to Europe, midnitebara

  3. Hi Carlos, this guy is all copper color...and looks like you have a lot of these performers on the street...

  4. Well, yes, Lisi. I should change the topic of the photo every now and then but I find them so interesting. Thanks for comment.


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